Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Like the tortoise and the hare but nobody wins

So it turns out that one of my class mates (and possibly tutorial partner, I forget) at Oxford has just been fined £2.9m by the FSA and banned from the City. I'm trying to work out whether this makes me feel better about having been a consistent career failure ever since graduating or not (not very far to fall for me, should I ever decide to do anything dodgy). I wouldn't describe this as schadenfreude - all I feel is a degree of surprise and admiration that he did that well in the first place (being Asian and getting into Oxford in the early 80s was quite a thing, never mind a job in the City and he wasn't the outstanding student in our year (nor was I)). Anyhow, however much I might whinge at present, at least I'm not bankrupt (yet), although I imagine he has probably transferred most of his assets to his spouse in preparation for this, if he has any sense.

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