Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lunatic fringe

Now I have a fringe, I'm having to think about things I have not previously considered. I've bought straighteners and multiple strange hairbrushes, which hurt. I've moved from slapping a bit of conditioner on, combing and forgetting about my hair to having to use product. Which hurts. For reasons that may become apparent if I get round to uploading the pictures, I have quite a lot of different products hanging around at present (although no serum or heat protector or hairspray so I still had to cough up for those. Which hurt). It's all intensely irritating, especially as people have either not commented about the fringe or told me that I look tired.

However, I can't just leave it because it looks appalling au naturale - curly, frizzy and sticky outy. I was going to post a picture of Grayson Perry at this point but a quick look at Google Images shows that he has his fringe under far better control than I do.

So here are the products I've tried so far with the straighteners:

  • Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner (my previous defrizzing and curl enhancing standby): rubbish. No straightening power at all.
  • Moroccan Oil (apparently what the salon used): as used by the hairdresser kept my fringe straight for 3 days (no rain). As used by me (immediate rain) kept my fringe straight for about 5 minutes.
  • Ojon Conditioning Finishing Paste, plus Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom: one day so far (immediate rain). However my hair looks lanky and sticky and about 3 shades darker.
Further product reports to come as I try them out.

The straighteners by the way are Remington and cost £18 from TKMaxx. They have ceramic plates and look no different to the expensive sort you see for sale in salons.


  1. Curls I'm not so good at, but my fringe has a cow lick in it. What I've found useful:

    1) silicone-heavy serum like Frizz-Ease or (?) John Harrington (something involving an H). I got these in mini travel sizes and they last a long time. Put it on wet hair.

    2) commence blow dry when hair is wet, not even towel dry.

    3) Use a brush and blast at fringe while brushing it from one side to the other (rather than just straight down).

    And welcome to the fringe!

  2. I cut my fringe myself so I've no one but myself to blame.

    I like Tommy Guns Leave Me In conditioner (Tommy Guns products also smell lovely.) But the only way I've found to avoid the frizz is to Never Go Outside.

  3. I am trying to imagine you with a fringe and I bet it looks great. I too like Annie self-cut my own fringe last year (with kitchen scissors). The only thing I have to resort to is wetting it with water, brushing it down and drying it flat but not dry - half-dry. Brush again semi-dry as above and go out hoping for the best. Usually works! And hello - I am sort of back blogging but have moved to here:

    Lots of love