Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The problem with the fundamental concept

In fact I have three issues with running a shopping blog. The practical one is that I am shockingly bad at photography, especially product photography, and my Panasonic Lumix camera tints everything aqua. If it's still within guarantee, I think I may return it. It's been disappointing.

The second one is that shopping isn't exactly a straightforward pleasure for me. I'd classify it rather as addictive behaviour and given how life has been recently there has been a lot of 'acting out'. A lot. Despite my lack of earnings. So actually I'm rather ashamed of myself and blogging about it seems odd. Plus most of it is still in carrier bags/suitcases, in true shopaholic fashion.

Finally, I feel a little uncomfortable showing people nice things I have when they themselves don't have them. It seems boastful. I'm not entirely sure what that is about. It's not like I seethe with envy when I read other shopping blogs or think that the bloggers are showing off. Maybe I feel I don't deserve nice stuff. I don't know.

So quite where this blog is going to go, I really don't know.

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