Monday, 23 September 2013

More tragic news

Some of you may remember a while back my description of the unedifying spectacle of me throwing a major tantrum in front of the daughter of Alexander McCall Smith when she told me that I had elevated cholesterol and had to eat less cheese.

Grudgingly I complied and cut back cheese, butter, full fat yogurt, steak and other such delights and instead ate oily fish (blech) and vegetables (double blech). I also, as predicted, deprived of my stock weight control and comfort eating methods of eating a high fat, low carb diet, started mainlining sugar and other carbs and as a result have piled on a huge amount of weight.

I was therefore hoping that when I finally got round to repeat cholesterol test the results would be even worse and I could reinforce my new agish prejudice that sugar is the problem and fat is unjustly maligned and head back to the cheese and dripping with a cry of 'told you so'.

Tragically, my results are much improved, even though I'm nearly a stone heavier than 6 months ago.

Even more tragically, they are not so much improved that I am allowed go back to serious cheese eating.


*And an ever expanding one at that.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Recently received

An email from a gentleman I had a date with a few weeks ago explaining he wouldn't be seeing me again because the evening lacked 'spark, humour and fun' and he was used to spending time with exciting, interesting people. This appears to rule me out.

I actually had a really good time.

I mentioned this to a 'friend' who said that she felt he might have a point and that I should attempt to be more fun.

The general impression I get from female friends is that there is something wrong with looking for a partner who you like, find attractive and who likes you for who you are rather than for a facade you glue on until you have them 'trapped'. I find this odd. Yet they are all with someone and I am not.