Sunday, 1 January 2012

New and not improved

It is a mistake to think that change inevitably means progress.

Before we had digital television, I could receive BBC channels. Now I can't.

I wouldn't be having the problems with utility suppliers that I am if they had never been privatised. A single non-profit making state owned enterprise is a wondrous thing. The improvements brought by market forces aren't terribly apparent to me. I blame Thatcher.

Free directory enquiries was pretty nice too.

Relaunched or reformulated fragrances are inevitably the worse for it (I'm looking at you Dior).

The current government is in no way better than the last government.

This blog is supposed to be better than the last one but it probably won't be.

On the other hand, 2012 surely has to be better than 2011.

Can you think of something that was better after it was improved?


  1. Every article or essay I've ever written.

  2. Stations. King's Cross for example, was a hideous claustrophobic rabbit warren and now is all new and lovely and spacious. There is even a champagne bar near the Eurostar. Can't wait til they do the same to Tottenham Court Road.

    Hurray for the new blog!

  3. Downloadable music, so I can buy the one song I want and not the whole damned CD. Bike brakes. Erm...

    Another hurray for the new blog!

  4. The second edition of my book.