Thursday, 18 October 2012

I want a refund

It looks like my lifetime diet of sugared lard has caught up with me. After a whole 5 months of no health problems other than the normal RSI and depression, I've developed a heart murmur. I guess I can stop fooling myself that buying superskinny jeans from Primark means I'm still young. I now have old person health problems and I am extremely upset about that.


  1. Yup. Within 12 months I was diagnosed with hypertension, a hernia and something mysterious that they thought might be kidney stones but still haven't quite put their collective finger on. Now they think my left lung is in trouble. All downhill from here, m'dear...

  2. It's just that I've had non stop medical issues since my 20s. I suppose it's unreasonable to expect that getting older would make that better though.

  3. When I was told at the age of 54 that my painful hip was old woman arthritis, I cried. I feel for you.