Friday, 31 August 2012

No more excuses

I passed my viva yesterday and am now on countdown to not being a student anymore. So I need to confront what's in the previous post. I keep telling myself that trying and failing leaves me no worse off than not trying at all so I might as well try but honestly I'm not convinced. While it's difficult to imagine feeling any more worthless than I do at the moment, I suppose it's possible and I don't want to experience it.


  1. Congratulations!

    You need to take five minutes out, forget about the future, and really commend yourself for this achievement. Go on, celebrate!

    (I really can't help with the job/life decisions, but if its any consolation I'm having similar ishoos myself)

  2. Congratulations. If you can pass your Master's while suffering from depression, angst, and various physical problems, you can probably do just about anything. It might not be easy and you might not do it fabulously, but you can do it and that is enough.