Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lunatic fringe pt 2

On top of the catastrophic loss of self confidence about my abilities and misery about being single, I utterly hate the way I look at present and a lot of it has to do with that wretched fringe, which I only got because of the cliched desire to change my hair after being dumped (as if I didn't feel bad enough). If it weren't for the fact that the only attractive (to men) thing about me appears to be my hair, I'd go and get a peroxide crop. This photo may explain a lot. Note also the double chin, huge conk, jowls, gut and general encroaching aging. This was taken in late May, rather sooner after the operation than was sensible in retrospect and shortly before I had a complete breakdown, for which that fringe may be partly to blame. The monkey quite rightly looks very unimpressed.


  1. Well, unless you're actually 24, in which case I'll admit you look a bit older, I think you look lovely.

    1. thank you. I wish I were still 24. There are so many things that with the benefit of hindsight I would do differently.

  2. I think you look cute, and I'm jealous of your hair. I love thick, wild-looking hair - it speaks of passion and romance.