Thursday, 5 April 2012

Things I really object to spending money on

Especially when I am not earning:

Moth control products. Expenditure this year so far is heading for over £100 and the little bastards aren't letting up. They've started on the rugs, most recently.

Light bulbs etc. Both fluorescent tubes in the kitchen have gone. Eating in the dark is impacting my happiness severely but so is the idea of paying an electrician to replace them.

Cleaning products. I'd get a cleaner if I was earning more money than I'd have to pay one. Wait, no I wouldn't because I don't trust anyone enough to leave them unsupervised in the flat. My one and only previous cleaner used to follow me around the flat asking if she could have certain items 'if I decided I didn't want them'. In the end she just took some of them anyhow.

Mobile phone charges. A minor fuck up on my part followed by total assitude by T-Mobile means my phone bill has gone right up this year.

Utilities (1) - I've posted about the screw up with EDF already. Still not resolved and I'm currently waiting on my credit report to see what damage it has done to that.

Utilities (2) - someone is going to have to pay the block electricity bill for the entry phone system soon but it is not going to be me.

New glasses. I bought new glasses 3 months ago. My eyesight has changed considerably in the past 3 months, thanks to the last Lasik cock up. So I need more glasses. I'm not supposed to need glasses at all after Lasik.


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