Friday, 6 April 2012

Mmmmm bacon

I've just had some bacon for lunch and as a result got to reflecting on the power of the Internet. The thing is, I don't like bacon very much but nonetheless whenever bacon is mentioned, I immediately think, 'mmm bacon'. And I buy it regularly and eat it regularly too, despite not especially liking it and it being extraordinarily bad for you, and actually not even wanting to eat pork, just because, you know, 'mmm bacon.' I put this down to pretty much everyone else on the Internet loving bacon and saying so repeatedly. One place I hang out, there's a user with the screen name 'baconwithasideofbacon'. This seems to sum up its bizarre power.

Now the flat smells of congealing bacon fat.

Update: as if to prove my point, Wikipedia has a bacon portal. This is the only portal I have come across on Wikipedia.

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