Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why don't you love me, cake?

As I said, a couple of posts ago, about the only pleasure I have time for at present is cake. I love cake. However I am unable to love cake in a reasonable and moderate fashion and as a result, cake doesn't love me back. Cake may even hate me (and by cake I also mean biscuits (cookies) and chocolate). I'm back to getting insomnia issues and I feel really unwell most of the time and I suspect this is diet related. So the obvious thing would be to eat a healthy diet of lean protein and vegetables and a lot less cake. The trouble is that I hate lean protein, although not quite as much as I hate vegetables. I really only love cake. OK, I love toast too but toast has started to give me severe stomach pains (although not quite as bad as the stomach pains pasta gives me but I don't love pasta) so I'm sticking to cake. But for how much longer?

Life is very unfair.

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  1. I have found diabetes has helped me end my love-affair with cake and all things sweet. Knowing they may make me blind and have my feet amputated has been a great spur to enjoy fruit instead.