Sunday, 25 March 2012

More on independence

The Tories appear to be getting very worried about this, well ahead of October 2014 or whenever it is the referendum will be held. What they don't seem to realise is that every time they open their mouths and start yipping about how dangerous and wrong it is, Salmond gets a couple of hundred more votes. The best thing they could do is just shut up. And apart from anything else, what they are saying is just plain ridiculous. Independence will put Scotland at risk of terrorism and we'll need armed borders. And we'll be overrun by immigrants. We're already a terrorist target and arguably we're going to be at less risk if we exit the UK. We already have borders - trying getting through the airport queues on international flights without showing your passport to the UK Border Authority. And with fewer than 6 million inhabitants (approximately 10% of the UK population) in roughly 30% of the UK's land mass, we've probably got room for a few more under the covers.

If you'd asked me before May 2010, I'd have been vehemently against independence (it's hard not to take it personally), and I'm still not sure the economics stack up, but frankly the more I look at Alex Salmond's policies compared to David Cameron's, the more attractive the idea of waving farewell forever to the pudding faced old Etonian twerp and his twisted idea of compassionate Conservatism seems.

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