Monday, 12 March 2012


A mere 7 months after I tried to change gas and electricity suppliers from Scottish Power to EDF, the transfer has now gone through. It's difficult to figure out exactly whose fault this is - Scottish Power resolutely kept refusing to allow the transfer but that might have had something to do with EDF attempting (successfully at one point and at my expense) to transfer over the account of my upstairs neighbour instead. But that probably has quite a bit to do with Scottish Power flatly refusing to agree that my address is what I (and the payments cards address verification system) say it is, rather than what they say it is.

Still, it's done and I've been refunded for the two months worth of gas I paid for for my neighbour. The problem is that the cheap fixed price deal I tried to transfer to is long gone and I am now paying more than I was paying Scottish Power. And now that EDF have me as a customer, they are being considerably less emollient than they were during the transfer.

I suppose I'll need to transfer again. Not back to Scottish Power who after all fitted this flat with a dual rate meter although there is no storage heating, meaning that I've been paying about 60% more for my electricity than I need to. Nor to N-Power who I understand to be evil incarnate. Does anyone have a utilities provider they like and can recommend?

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