Wednesday, 9 January 2013

There must be a name for this

Does anyone know what the following example is an illustration of, other than stupidity?

It was (still is) lunchtime. I thought about what to cook. There isn't much in the fridge so initially I thought of boiled eggs. I ruled this out on the basis that it wasn't filling enough (supper will be late), considered a few more options and settled definitively on ravioli, which is about to go off so needs eating today. I then walked to the kitchen and boiled the eggs*.

I do this a lot. It's as if the brain does not register negatives - I will not eat boiled eggs, turns into I will eat boiled eggs. Is this a *thing* or am I just heading for early dementia (like my mother)?

*and am still hungry as a result


  1. Taking the last point first, I'd have thought that, if it were an early sign of dementia, you'd not realise your mistake. I think we're all a bit distracted and do a lot on auto-pilot.

    In your situation, I'd probably have carried on boiling the eggs, as soon as I'd realised my mistake, until they were hard boiled and could be used for another dish or sandwiches on another occasion, and then had the ravioli. But then I'm a bit stubborn.

  2. My mother calls these CRAFT moments: Can't remember a fucking thing.

    1. That is BRILLIANT and I love your mother.