Monday, 28 January 2013

Apoocalypse now

Got back from a few days away to a total apoocalypse. Firstly, the fur horsemen of the apoocalypse* had displayed their love for me and concern at my absence by creating an interesting abstract installation in mixed media on the sitting room carpet and in the hall. Secondly I have just been told that for health reasons (I now have dangerously raised cholesterol) that I have to go on a low fat, high fibre diet. There are some very good reasons I eat a high fat, low fibre diet and avoid most vegetables and grains - it allows me to leave the flat for a start (good old IBS), prevents me fainting and stops me looking 8 months pregnant from bloating. I am not happy about this. I'm not especially sure I want to live longer if that requires giving up cheese and butter.

Does anyone have any experience of eating a low fat, low carb diet? It seems like I'll be limited to fish and that's about it. My doctor doesn't have a dietician on staff.


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