Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How it is

Just back from a Hogmanay event at which a draw was made for a fairly substantial travel related prize in Scotland.

A crowded street scene.

Presenter: And now the results of the draw. The winning ticket is 1280 and the winner is Dino. Dino, are you here?
Crowd: [Cheers]. Yay! Dino! Woohoo Dino!

Dino comes up and collects an envelope.

Presenter: Congratulations Dino!
Dino: [inaudible].
Crowd: [Cheers]. Yay! Dino! Woohoo Dino!
Presenter: And where are you from Dino?
Dino: [loudly] Birmingham.
Crowd: [stunned silence. It appears that Dino is English. More silence, then] Boo.


  1. Mmmm, one of the reasons I live in England rather than Scotland.

  2. I did think we'd seen the end of this after devolution but I imagine it will start to get worse again. It's in the interests of the Nats to get resentment brewing again before the referendum.