Thursday, 14 June 2012

Those of a sensitive disposition should cover their ear

I'm getting very close to the end of the road with eBay and other people's second hand or sub standard shit. It took 4 shots to buy a summer handbag on eBay that was anywhere near in the condition described (and even so, it was a completely different colour to that shown in the photo but that's minor overall). There was the 'originally extremely expensive bag' that turned out to be something that normally retails on market stalls at about £20, there was the 'minor signs of wear' bag that was heavily stained and there was the admittedly once nice but badly scuffed bag that had been tarted up for sale with shoe polish that ruined my favourite top.

My latest purchase was 40 pairs of earplugs to aid me in my constant struggle to sleep despite the worst depradations of the subhuman morons* who now live downstairs. Or at least I thought it was. Turned out it was 40 earplugs. I can't say I was misled. It didn't say pairs on the listing. But it should have - who the fuck buys earplugs in single instances? Even if I went all van Gogh and ripped an ear off which in my current mental state may or may not have crossed my mind, there'd still be a hole, wouldn't there? Unless I wedged the mutilated cartilege and lobe into it I suppose, instead of feeding it to the cats.

This could possibly be out of proportion to feeling that I've been stiffed out of £3.49 but final straw and all that.

*Young people. I hates 'em.

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