Monday, 25 June 2012

Mental health services provision - England v. Scotland

War of attrition

London - tell the doctor you are suicidal - get placed on a 2 year waiting list for counselling.

Catch 22

Scotland - tell the doctor you are too depressed to function. Receive a letter explaining that the mental health system is opt in and that to retain your referral you have to ring up and confirm you still want it. Unfortunately one of the things you now find impossible is making phone calls. Should you make it over this hurdle, get informed by service gatekeeper that you don't appear as depressed as you claim as you managed to make it to the appointment and therefore you do not qualify for help.

The London situation is bad but understandable. The Scottish one is downright evil because it actively weeds out the people who most need help before denying it to everyone else.

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  1. I agree. I was in this situation once and unable to keep myself on the waiting list. Fortunately I gt better or managed to rehabilitate myself somehow.