Friday, 14 June 2013

Sadness is

Scoring a pair of £250 shoes on Ebay in the right size, right colour and right design from a brand that always fits me for £30, having them arrive in good time, well packed and in near perfect condition and being unable to cram my hideous hooves into them because this particular pair are too tight for my plates of meat.

I think maybe 25% of the shoes I buy turn out to be comfortable. Obviously I'm not improving my chances by buying online but even shoes that felt like a glove in the shop hurt or tear gashes in my skin within seconds of wearing them in real life. Even M&S Footglove hurt (and that really was a case of compromising style for comfort).

Am I the only one with this problem? It's such a waste of money, never mind the disappointment.


  1. No you are not. I haven't been able to walk in anything but trainers for a year because of Achilles tendonitis but I still bought Irregular Choice shoes with 4 inch heels. They're lovely, & like instruments of torture.

    Women + shoes = denial. Maybe you can find a shoe-stretching service,there must be one.

  2. Can't you run them under hot water for a while and then put them on, like with jam jar lids?