Thursday, 27 December 2012


Am I the only one to have noticed the sudden slew of articles about how we shouldn't be throwing out leftover food, not for financial reasons but for green reasons? Suddenly we've gone from 'don't throw it out because it isn't biodegradable' to 'don't throw it out because it is biodegradable'. I don't really understand what's wrong with stuff composting in landfill as opposed to sitting there till the next Mayan apocalypse in its nasty plasticy glory.

Anyhow, this reflection is brought to you by the last slice of the utterly WRONG M&S Stollen. How this metric fuck-tonne of wrongness got recommended by Observer Food I don't know*. It was too soft, too wet, too sweet and it shouldn't have been covered in soggy nuts because the sugar crust on Stollen is the best bit. It should have gone in the bin and instead it went into my stomach where it has contributed to me regaining all the weight I lost during nearly a month of miserable dieting in December.

*Or maybe I do. I'm getting to the point where if I read another hagiographic article of a winsome male food celebrity posing with a fish on their head I'm going to commit to a life of never eating anything other than KFC.

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