Saturday, 8 December 2012

Since you asked

Here's the pig's ear. It looks even worse in real life. I'm not good at straight lines.

It cost about £30 in materials and more in tuition fees. Lurking behind it is a much nicer Banana Republic bag I got on ebay for £11. Nuff said.


  1. It looks lovely. I can't believe you made it. You are super self-critical! You made it in one session... pretty good work.

  2. More than one session - about 20 hours of work went into that. So materials - £30 + labour (20 x £6.19) = £153.80. And that's ignoring the tuition cost and cost of equipment I had to purchase to rework the handles. Hmm. I'd describe it as something you might buy on holiday in a tourist shop while drunk and then never use. I could get a second hand high end bag for £150.

  3. Mind you I suppose I could easily spend 20 hours dithering over what sort of bag to buy and I don't tend to mentally cost out that time.