Saturday, 19 October 2013

Explains a lot

I was in Spain last week visiting a friend and something happened to give me a view of a very unhappy future. I was out with said friend (50s, slim) and a friend of hers (indeterminate, slim). We decided to have tapas for supper. The friend's friend (FF) spoke good Spanish so took charge of ordering. The place we were in specialised in brochettes so that's what she recommended we ate.

Me: I'm not sure that will be enough, will it?
FF: It will be fine.
Me: Well, let's order several then (meaning several each - still not much food but...).

She ordered two. Not each. Between the three of us. And no bread. So my supper was three small mouthfuls of meat and a cube of red pepper. And they thought that was enough.

Is this what it takes to be slim in middle age? I'm screwed then - and currently the heaviest I've ever been and gaining 2-3 lbs a week.


  1. Hate to be the unbidden offerer of diet advice, but I made a serious attempt to cut down on bread/wheat a few months ago and I've lost about a stone; more importantly, the constant bloated feeling has gone. I've had to give away four pairs of trousers and cut a new hole in my belt. Not saying it will work for everyone but maybe worth a go. And it makes room for an extra brochette...

  2. Sadly this is true. Unfortunately my current life (spending about 60-70% of the week in Travelodges and similar non luxury accommodation and lots of sandwich lunches) makes that difficult. As does all the comfort eating to compensate for the above.

  3. When I had to lose weight, one small way of cutting down on bread was to remove one piece of bread from each half of the sandwich, keeping the filling of both. I also resolutely left some food on my plate at every meal. Assuming it was a proper meal, that is, two brochettes between three people isn't a meal, it's an appetiser.