Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Security questions

My bastarding bank has just 'upgraded' its online banking security.

Now I get a one time code delivered to my mobile to enter when I logon. Thanks a fucking bunch. I wasn't planning on taking my mobile on holiday, now I have to, just in case I need to get on the bank site.

I also have to answer three out of 8 security questions. Most of these questions are irrelevant to me. Does anyone over ten have a favourite food or place that doesn't change regularly? Of course, the end result is that I'll have to write all this down, which you aren't supposed to, because it's hard to remember an answer you've just made up.

1 comment:

  1. My bank froze my account when I booked my last holiday. Despite answering all the automated fraud questions, I eventually had to call them and answer more stupid questions. Despite answering them all, I still didn't pass their fraud test & only got it unlocked once I went into a branch with my passport.

    I wrote 3 letters of complaint, one to the MD, which got passed back to the same numpty to respond to as the first two, without getting them to admit that their anti-fraud processes don't really work for customers.

    Banks are arses. I'm going to switch to a building society.