Monday, 26 November 2012

Making a pig's ear out of a purse

A few weekends ago I attended a 'making a leather bag' workshop and indeed, I made a leather bag. It was actually a remarkably nice bit of leather but we did not get much guidance on design and the result was pretty horrible, especially the handles. So I took it home, bought some equipment on eBay and altered the handles and now it's still pretty horrible but the handles are more functional.

As I've mentioned previously, Dad was a saddler and while on the course I suddenly thought that he would have been proud of me. Of course, I immediately realised my error - he wouldn't have been proud at all and he would have taken much pleasure in pointing out how bad a job I had done. Hopefully I haven't completely inherited the miserable bastard gene, but I am beginning to wonder if I've inherited the pleasure in making stuff for a living rather than doing proper work. Unfortunately I quite clearly haven't inherited any ability.


  1. Hang on, don't be negative. Your dad had to start somewhere too. It doesn't matter if you don't follow up on it, you've made a leather bag, which is more than most of us have. It's quite an achievement and I'm impressed.

  2. My family included cabinet makers and tailors, but I'm rubbish at making things too. I always think 'hey, it runs in my blood, I will be a NATURAL' and am always disappointed at whatever I make with my hands. But skills are learned over time.

    We demand a picture of the bag.

  3. Just to be clear, you do understand that being 'good' at things generally takes 'practice' right? If not, I think we may have identified a key stumbling block for you...

  4. Wot everyone else said. It's early days, innit? I think there must be huge satisfaction in making stuff for a living instead of all the meaningless pen-pushing that most of us do.

  5. LC, yes in a sense although there are many things that I can practice till I'm blue in the face (tango springs to mind) and I'll never be good at. What I'm looking for at present is finding a natural talent for something. I don't get much pleasure out of doing things badly.

    As for my father, I suppose so, although I wasn't there to witness it and he would have never admitted that he wasn't the best at some point or that he let someone tell him what to do.